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Private tutoring is available for individuals and small groups for hands-on firearms training involving modern and period shooting techniques, actual live fire range time or "Total-Pro" individualized programs to hone your on-stage Armorer knowledge and skills to be their peak.
A deep-dive into a wide array of gun models, terms, procedures, practices, firing and cleaning to build your safety muscle and confidence to the max.


Tuition for the Prop Gun Set Safety essentials course is $359
Which includes a pistol shooting workbook, a copy of the brand new "Prop Gun Set Safety for Film & TV" guide book, all workshop materials, studio safety blanks, snacks and some very cool Prop Gun Set Safety swag.
Mention in the payment notes which date & location you are booking.
($50 deposit can also hold a space for you, with the balance
to be paid on or before the workshop date.)
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