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About our New company logo

Finding Inspiration at every opportunity

We’ve chosen to craft our Prop Gun Set Safety Logo to this new, more dynamic symbol.

Our original Prop Gun Set Safety logo was infused with energy, excitement and confidence.







The logo integrated a red hexagon at the tip of a pistol barrel. This was symbolic of the barrel-restrictor “plug” commonly used to discretely adapt semi-automatic pistols to blank fire on camera.
 We see this as an insider’s look at our process of making the action look as real as possible, while maintaining the highest standards of set safety.

The new logo timelessly integrates the “barrel-plug” hexagon as it’s own symbol. And adds the essence of barrel “rifling” not unlike the iconic image of looking down a pistol barrel in the James Bond opening sequence.

 The hexagon is far more than an inside-baseball reference to what we do as studio Armorers. Hexagons are one of nature’s strongest, most resilient and omni-present structures.
The hexagon has for millennia represented a sacred geometry that offers great strength, efficiency and balance.

We honor our beginnings as the premier gun safety training organization in Hollywood and we look to a bright future serving the broader set safety training and implementation needs of our film community.

PGS 45 Logo clean_edited.jpg
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