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Prop Gun
Set Safety
Guide Book

Reference guide to keep handy on set

Dedicated to Safety

By adhering to these simple and straightforward guidelines, the entertainment industry can work together to create a safer environment on set.


Create a Plan of Action for a Safe Set

Your commitment to raising safety standards and sharing these practices with others is commendable and essential for the well-being of everyone involved in production.

Want more copies for your crew or for your Local?

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Thanks for supporting a safer craft!

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Prop Gun Set Safety for Film & TV Guide Book

Tuition for the Prop Gun Set Safety essentials course is $359
Which includes a shooting workbook, all workshop materials, studio safety blanks, light snacks and some very cool
Prop Gun Set Safety swag.

Mention in the payment notes which date & location you are booking.
($50 deposit can  also hold a space for you, with the balance
to be paid on or before the workshop date.)
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