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Prop Gun
Set Safety
Guide Book

ISS: 1+818-951-5600

Reference guide to keep handy on set

Dedicated to Safety

By adhering to these simple and straightforward guidelines, the entertainment industry can work together to create a safer environment on set.

Create a Plan of Action for a Safe Set

Your commitment to raising safety standards and sharing these practices with others is commendable and essential for the well-being of everyone involved in production.

ISS: 1+818-951-5600

ISS: 1+818-951-5600


Tuition for the Prop Gun Set Safety essentials course is $359
Which includes a pistol shooting workbook, a copy of the brand new "Prop Gun Set Safety for Film & TV" guide book, all workshop materials, studio safety blanks, snacks and some very cool Prop Gun Set Safety swag.
Mention in the payment notes which date & location you are booking.
($50 deposit can also hold a space for you, with the balance
to be paid on or before the workshop date.)
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